Commanding Yourself into State

Software is often configured to run under repeatable conditions so that it performs consistently. Humans can also be commanded into a peak state to perform consistently. Before we get to that, it is essential that you have something that is important to do once you get into a peak state of mind. Maybe you are writing a blog, and so you your laptop charged and open on a table so it is ready to go when the time comes. This is the recipe I follow...

  • Sleep eight hours.
  • Drink twelve ounces of water with himalayan salt and lemon.
  • Get up and move. Four minutes of high intensity interval cardio is good.
  • Cold shower.
  • Prime yourself for the day. Whether it is meditation, visualization, or your other preferred method, the key is to experience the future as though it were real now. To step into and see clearly how you want the world to become. This gives you a reference point to work towards. This is how Roger Bannister first ran the four minute mile.
  • Tea or coffee with mushroom mixture, turmeric, black pepper, and coconut oil.

Now take massive action on the most important thing for the day. This recipe is the combined steps of other titans that have passed on the knowledge. Now that you are energized and ready to tackle the present moment get in front of the the most important thing for you to do today. Sit down and do the work. The goal is to move the ball down the field. The inches to be gained are everywhere. If you don't have enough time, then get up earlier and do what you must do for the day. Make important things musts, and make them happen. I am excited to see what you bring into the world.

Prepare yourself for the next day by not using phones or computers an hour before you sleep, and aiming to sleep eight hours before you need to wake up. Otherwise, you can't sleep 8 hours...

I've found it useful to change the order of the steps around over time. Also note there is no breakfast before working. I find my mind is more clear before eating.